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The QingHua Chinese School was formed in 1984, for the purpose of promoting the study of the Chinese Mandarin language, and other Chinese cultures.

The school is mainly set up to cater for the Chinese community in and around London, but other members of the public are welcomed to join and attend the various  Chinese classes as well.

There are both adult and children classes to cater for the different needs of the pupils. Children classes are for 4 year old and above till GCSE levels. For the adults we have beginner and advanced classes. All our teachers are bi-lingual fully qualified Chinese university graduates. The teaching is mainly conducted in Mandarin Chinese, and english explanation is used where necessary. It is not necessary to have any prior knowledge of the Chinese language for pupils joining the children reception, or the adult beginner classes.

If you are interested in learning the Chinese language, or just want to polish up your Chinese language skill, then please browse through our Web site for the required information. If you need any further information about the School and the various classes, please contact the Head Teacher Drs. Yang direct by telephone or email as follows:

Head Teacher : Dr. H F Shang Yang

Contact number: 020 8861 4983


New Head Teacher: Mrs. Bo Clarke

Contact number: 01923 834614


Registered address:

QingHua Chinese School Charitable Trust

15, Gerard Road


Middlesex HA1 2ND

United Kingdom

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